100+ Great Business Ideas That Will Thrive

Starting a business isn’t an easy task. The very first thing you ask yourself is how to come up with business ideas. We know that are thousands of ideas but some of the ideas that will make you a billionaire are waiting for you.

When you are young, energetic, and have an entrepreneurial mind, you must try to find a side hustle to generate more money.

There are so many ideas to start working today. Let’s focus on business ideas for men and make a big list of ideas while finding answers to some questions. Why is a side venture significant? Just because it guarantees some passive income. What are the best business ideas for men?

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It is true that having multiple streams of income, side business incomes is one of the best things to happen to people, especially to men in today’s world. There are plenty of small business ideas for men that can pay off very well. However, it is even more important to start a venture that will attract people and is based on a great idea that would pay all the required bills adequately.

 Most Successful Business Ideas

If you are looking for a great business to start — an idea that will guarantee good returns on your small investment within no time at all, then you need is to pick the business ideas that will give high ROI. However, it becomes essential to say that everyone will need excellent training in some of these fields so that they do not come across as a novice.

Small Business Ideas for Men

Now, Get ready and let us look at 50 extraordinary profit guaranteed small business ideas that men can engage in. How to kick it start? We’re classifying the categories namely; for the stay at home dad business ideas, and the working-class dad.

Here are some home-based business ideas for people who want to work from home.

  • Start Earning through blogging
  • Dropshipping business idea
  • Start Freelancing for Fast Income
  • Content Writing services
  • Start Selling Online courses
  • Become A Freelance Business consultant
  • Start Cleaning business
  • Freelance graphic designer
  • Become A Web Designer
  • Data Entry work
  • Translating business
  • Shoe Making Business
  • Fresh Fruit Juice Making
  • Start Podcasting
  • Online Boutique
  • Opening Barbers Shop
  • Starting a Salon
  • Voice over Artiste
  • Bag Making Business
  • School Biz Projects
  • Tailoring Startup Idea
  • Opening Toy Stores
  • Events Decorator Startup
  • Wedding Planner Business
  • Home Tutors
  • Forex Trading for Experts

Now, Let’s study some of them in detail. To start with, let’s focus on home-based ideas.

start a business from home

Business Ideas for Stay at Home Dads

These are some of the best ideas that can be started with a very low investment that too from home. Let’s have a look at the list of evergreen ideas.

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Opening Barbers Shop

No matter what happens to the world, there would always be the need for men to keep a well-trimmed hair. Isn’t it so? Everybody wants to live a comfortable life, and they even go as far as making sure that they are cleanly shaven.

What’s your opinion on this one? While some people do not mind that they get face shaven at the barber’s shop, yet others wouldn’t simply dare. Whatever the case may be; the barber looks at the money. If you are interested in starting a barber’s shop, then that would be a great idea.

What we suggest is start a mobile barbers shop as well as the classical market barbers shop.

It would entail that you garner some necessary skills in this regard as it requires a bunch of things to know. Have someone to teach you the rudiments of starting a barber’s shop, and in no time you will be good to go. And, yes, don’t forget to get a daily dose of motivation.

 Starting a Salon Business

This is a modern world. These days more than ever before, the male counterparts are thriving well with the salon business for women. It just because of the size and net profit margin of this business idea. It is for this reason that you too can start your hair salon business, and it’s justified. All the things that would be required of you would be to learn the basics of saloon business so that you can be well equipped to start this great business. You do not have to be the only person to handle all the hair needs of your clients. You must consider employing the services of a few experts.

Important note! You will also need to go through (a little bit) the learning of the art of hair making, or the best way is to hire someone else to work for you. This is going to be very vital because of the need to have an idea of what the business is all about. What’s, are your thoughts on this?

Nail Salon Studio

Nobody denies the fact that the nails are part of what adds to the beauty of beautiful women. If you have an artistic knack, then you probably would love to consider having a nail studio for women. You are at this moment told that you would, first of all, undertake the necessary research and studies. We suggest you if needed, you should consider asking those experts who are already in the trade how they started.

If you can get things right, this business idea will earn you millions within a short time. It’s easy, predictable, and profitable.

Starting Video Club

Are you a movie buff?  Do you love to collect movies, if yes, then you may want to start a video club as soon as possible? We all know the market is a very competitive one for this business idea, but the truth remains that there is still an avalanche of clients that you will attract to your startup. The idea is that you have got to have the best and latest collection of great movies.

The Net Profit margin in this business is excellent. This small business idea for men is very competitive, profitable, trending, and evergreen!

Starting a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is an idea that will take some investment, and if you have done the research well, it would be a tremendous profitable idea. This does not in any way sound strange to the men folks; this is because the world has changed so fast that things have gone very versatile. I am sure you know that there will always be the need for people to fill their bellies with food. Isn’t it so? This is where starting a restaurant comes to play.

What matters is the choice of market, location, and of course, initial investment!

Become A Goldsmith

This is one of the classical trade that was meant for men initially but has emerged as a venture for all in today’s world. In recent times, women have stepped into this business via social marketing, but still, a lot of men are the leading businesses owner in this field. If you have a knack for this type of business, then you can make millions of dollars from it. You will, however, need to learn all the necessary skills as it is a venture of well-skilled legends.

After you learn it, as it is a vast field, you will need to choose a sub-niche for this purpose.  Get to gathers with experts will be helpful.

Makeup Artistry

Things go viral in seconds, and a great artist is the most talked-about people. Gone are the old days when the women were left to run and lead this business alone. This is one of the most critical ventures for smart actors and artist, as they are free to charge as much as they want. The market for a makeup artist is extensive and vital, because of the need for people to look great and beautiful. If you are an artistic person and have the right skills to start a makeup business, then know that the sky is your limit.

Advertising different beauty and makeup products would be another passive income related to this field.

Online Boutique

If you think the old classical boutiques are going to be the best, you’re probably wrong! Online shopping malls and stores are replacing them. This is the age of the internet. If you love fashion, as well as love to see people look beautiful and dapper, then you may want to consider starting an online boutique.

This is the business which is thought to be a small venture idea for men but women are also equally involved.

What do you need for an online shop? Just a good looking website and an expert photographer, you home would play the role of the classical store from where the items would be shipped.

Brick and Mortar Fashion Store

This is yet another great small business idea for men that anyone could engage in. This is a perfect trade with a lot of scope in the future. It isn’t a costly business to start, as you can start with some minimal amount of wares. There is no skill needed here; all you need is the excellent trade skills and perfect communication.

Also, there is a need for you to find some great supply sources from where you can get an excellent competitive price of wares. Some of the most essential running items that you may want to consider should include; male and female top fashion accessories like; shoes, belts, bags, earrings, bracelets, and of course clothes and yes, the list goes on!

Voice over Artiste – Great venture idea

Some people are naturally endowed with a pleasant voice. They are essential for marketing purpose. If you have these skills, you may want to consider starting a great view of the business. It could be a part-time job as well because all that may be required of you would be to send some good samples of your recorded voice.

On the other hand, you may have a full-time business startup of voice over business. What do you think about this idea? It’s a small business idea for men and women with good vocal cords.

The idea of Bag Making

Crafts business is one of the best traditional and modern company that is evergreen. The industry of crafts is increasing its size. Elite class people love to buy different crafts just to display in the house. If you think this is one thing that attracts you, then you may want to consider starting a bag making business. It’s not just a small business for men. It’s a business for creative thinkers. If you’ve not got the skills but you’re passionate, no worries at all. Look around you and see there are vocational schools that offer such courses for the short term.

This industry is vast, and creative people can do very well in this field!

Cleaning Business Ideas

We are here to give you the best venture idea that is evergreen! Isn’t it so?

Cleanliness is the thing which is never compromised on!

If you have the skills of business and love to clean stuff or like to see things spic and span, then you can look at starting a cleaning company. You can earn millions in 2019!

There will always be the need to clean the houses, offices, and schools. What you need is just the art of business. Cleaning business idea for men is a simple, profitable, and evergreen idea!

Graphic Artistry startup Idea

It is the digital age. Graphics designs and creative designing is always the most necessary thing for every firm today. If you are skilled in digital graphics, then you may want to engage in the graphic artists’ business.

This business idea is never going to disappoint you as long as you are making good designs to inspire the entrepreneurs who have no time for these things. They always look forward to hiring people with such skills.

School Startup Projects

This is yet another great service and business idea that is going to help people and earn you money as well. Education is thought to a flourishing business everywhere. Though some people don’t put it in the field of business as it’s a sacred kind of job. But the financial statistics show that it’s a really good business idea for men and women from all walks of life.

Depending on the expertise and skills you have, you may have to determine whether it is a special child education, a primary, secondary, or infant school you want to start. Read more here

Tailoring Startup Idea

All over the globe, clothes making is a very famous art that needs time, accuracy, and attention. Although the length of the clothes decreases every year but still people put on clothes. So, this business is not going to end. This is one of the toughest ideas that we are going to discuss here. Do remember that you will need loads of skills and tons of experience to be able to run this type of startup. Customer satisfaction is really the main thing in this startup idea.

There are sub-niches and you will need to narrow down your idea to whether you want to make male clothes, female clothes, or for both. Whichever you choose, you will need hard work.

business ideas for change!

Supermarket Business

This is a one really good business idea for cool stay at home dads. While starting working on this idea, you will need to be specific about the things you are dealing in. Things like; skin care products, beverages among others have to be considered but make sure you do complete research on the market.

This idea requires two things, firstly the location where there is a good population. The second is traffic or the running of the item research that you’re dealing with. Again, this one requires and time and resources.

Opening Toy Store

Opening a cool toy store is a good small business idea for men but women are also found interested in this business. Forget about gender discrimination while starting a venture.

This could be a really good idea if you know about social media marketing. Some great-looking Instagram photos will bring you more income in a short span of time. Mixing up this idea with an online toy store would be profitable.

Mobile Grocery Shops

The market for fruits and Vegetables is wide; this why you can start it. This is the age of creativity and people like something unique. Mobile vegetable shops which deliver fresh grocery to their trusted customers on a monthly basis would be a perfect business idea.

What you really need here is quality and customer satisfaction. This idea requires some hard work as well as initial resources such as a vehicle to make the mobile grocery shop. This is a good small business idea for men.

Events Decorator Startup

I personally recommend this idea for creative and fun-loving people. This is a good profitable small venture idea and it works as expected.

Good communication skills, good looking staff will help you earn a lot of money from this business start-up. Skills required are business skills and public relations.

Events are not going to end as long as you are willing to continue the good work. Don’t worry about the success, it’s guaranteed with smart work and hard work.

Bakery Business Idea

The bakery venture is a classical, profitable business that is evergreen. It takes a lot of time to get your brand famous.

This idea needs social media marketing and an online ordering system in order to make it a bit distinguished from the already working bakery businesses. The expertise required for this business is cooking skills, experience. More details here

Hat Making Startup Ideas

The hat making is one business idea that guarantees good wealth in a short span of time. You can start this business from home. It could be a part-time project but to make it a huge success you need to give it full attention. Start teaching other people via some paid courses and make millions with this simple idea.

It’s easy, and a small lucrative venture idea that requires the least resources.

Home Tutors – Fast Clean Earning

If you are a qualified teacher and you know the academics requirements of students, start teaching them. This is a small business idea for men who can travel to various locations in the city. If you really want to earn money and fame, then you can start a home tutor business. This is one cool way to make clean money.

Consistency, honesty, and dedication are the required skills for this job.

Consignment Business Project

This idea could probably lead you to social entrepreneurship. A very good idea for people who are interested in some social work with earnings aside.

You will be able to help folks who may not be able to afford new clothes in various parts of the world. It is for this very reason that you can start a consignment business project and make it successful. Some social research would be required for this venture.

Cooking Training Startup

If you think you are a wonderful cook, then you may consider making some earnings by training other people to cook. If you cannot afford a lecture hall, use your home as the classroom!

Some teaching skills and Public handling skills would be required. This is one of the fastest ways to get rich when you are a qualified and experienced cook.

Shoe Making Business Ideas

Have you ever seen someone without shoes? I in my entire life have not seen anyone walking barefooted. What does this mean? It means that shoes making are one of the evergreen business that isn’t going to stop. Even if the human population goes to Mars, they will still need shoes.

The market is always welcoming to the new products as long as they are quality and well-advertised. Do include advertising in your venture’s plan for shoemaking.

Photography Startup

I’ve many friends who like taking photographs. Some of them are very good at taking nice pictures. If you like taking photographs, then you can easily convert this good hobby to commercial purposes. This is a small profitable business idea for men and women who want to pursue their dreams.

All that you will require is taking great photos and you will be a brand photographer within no time. As social media is crazy for great photographs. People love to look beautiful and smart. Start working on this idea and earn millions in a short time.

Opening a Job Bureau

This is yet another good idea to integrate it with an online job portal. This can earn you millions of dollars in a very short time. This would enable you to help people solve the problems of unemployment, by helping them to seek out the best jobs.

This is a very good profitable business idea if you know your onions. An app, a website, and an office are all that you need to get started. What are your thoughts on this small business idea for men?

 Events Planning Startup

For us, this business idea pretty much looks like the previous one. Elite class businessmen really have a tough routine. They don’t get time for events planning and management. For this purpose, they hire people to do it with care. So, they have an event planner man all the time. If you have been a good event planner, then you can start events planning business startup.

This is really a wonderful business when done online as well as offline. The net profit margin in this business is really good.

 Fresh Fruit Juice Making

A glass of seasonal fresh fruit has a very relaxing feel. Isn’t it so? Yet another fact, is it is an evergreen project! In hot summer, people need a chilled glass of sugarcane juice. In cold winter, a juice having ingredients like peanuts would be just perfect.

This is the best small business idea for men to earn some fast cash. More about this

Poultry Venture Success

The poultry business is yet another good small business idea for men in which a single dad can start earning a handsome amount of money. This type of business idea needs a lot of attention from the operators; this is why training is key before starting the business of poultry.

You need to have a helper operator with you, this would ensure success.

Skin Care Products Idea & Success Formula

The skincare business is always one of the top businesses being run by men and women equally. This is just a classical kind of business idea which doesn’t have any special requirements.

The key to success is fair dealings and customer satisfaction.

Book Shop and Stationery

This is the one business that would never go out of fashion if one knows how to use the latest graphics to attract people. Bookshops are successful because of the reason that they are the stores of academics books otherwise online books are more in trend these days.

How is the idea of integrating the two? A Book shop owner must know that having an app and an online store would certainly boost his books sell and income. A very little experience would be enough for this kind of business.

Rental Startup – Uber and Careem things!

The world of rental ventures is being shifted towards the internet. Nowadays all things are handled through mobile apps. We’ve named the two most used services to give you a broader idea of the services and competition in the market.

Rental business for men at a local level would be just another aspect of this idea but in cities, this kind of business is probably not so good. The main requirements include business skills, public dealing and cars, and vehicle dealing.

Part-time Business Ideas

These are some of the side hustles for our working-class people who can earn some extra money through these part-time jobs.

Start Freelancing

If you are a skilled writer and you are quite imaginative, then you can earn a lot of money through writing and freelancing.

  • Home Contractor
  • Lawn Care Specialist
  • Freelance Writer
  • Become A Blogger
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Home Cleaning Service
  • Child Care Service
  • Start a Courier Business
  • Become an Accountant
  • Errand Service
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Etsy Seller
  • Flea Market Vendor
  • Ecommerce Reseller
  • Become A Web Designer
  • House Painter
  • Dog Walker Business Idea
  • Start A Bakery Business
  • Event Planner
  • Hairdresser
  • Pool Cleaning Business
  • Furniture Making Business
  • Become A Proofreader
  • Start Making Chatbots
  • Makeup Artist
  • Become A Musician
  • Be A Photographer
  • Car Washing or Detailing Service
  • T-shirt Designer
  • Coffee Cart Operator
  • Meal Preparation Service
  • Antique Refurbisher
  • Public Speaker
  • Personal Trainer
  • Become A Yoga Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Become A Tutor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Tech Support Business
  • Become A Housekeeper
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • YouTube Vlogger
  • Become A Podcaster
  • eBook Author
  • Interior Decorator
  • Resume Service
  • Scrapbook Maker
  • Clothing Alterations Service
  • Become A Translator

Millions of People are working on freelance projects on Upwork. You could be the next one to get hired.

Editing and Proof Reading

If you are well versed in English, or any other language, then you may want to consider starting an online editing and proofreading services business as part-time work. This is a business idea that will give you the freedom of movement. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do is super easy when working online.

Making a great portfolio is not an easy task but once you have it you’re good to earn a lot of money.

Data Entry Jobs

This is one freelance business that does not need any skills at all. All you need to do is sign up for the trusted website and start applying for data entry jobs. It’s a kind of job that is always available at a cheap price. Due to the difference in currency, it’s a good idea for people of low currency countries to work on such jobs.

Communication skills are very important and another thing you need is a fast and reliable internet connection.

Translating Startups

This is a cool business idea for quick learners. A lot of people need translation services and once you start this business you would need to build trust.

Once you make a portfolio and have some good feedback and you are ready to earn more and more!

Virtual Assistant as part-time.

Entrepreneurs and busy businessmen need a virtual assistant to manage their emails, call letters, and blogs. This is a good part-time business idea for young people as well as working-class dads. The tasks are simple and easy.

The profit margin in this business is good. You can even have a company that offers virtual assistants.

Online Perfume Shop – Good Idea

In recent times, the idea of selling jewelry, rings, and perfumes online has got good fame. You will find thousands of small business shops online dealing with different products.

Skincare and beauty products are widely known on social media. All you have to do is a great social media team and a fancy good looking online store. If you cannot afford jewelry, don’t worry put affiliate links from big online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Forex Trading & Its Success

The well-known Forex business has been so welcoming that millionaires also step into this business. In fact, this is one of the fastest and genuine ways to hit a lot of money within a short period of time. Due to its high-profit margin, there is a huge competition in this business. So, you need proper learning and experience before you start this business. It is a small business idea for men with great minds and brains who can bear out the most difficult time.

Great skills, proper knowledge of Forex trade, and timely decision making are essential tools for this business.

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