Social Entrepreneurship— 15 Best Social Enterprise Ideas

We all know that this year is the year of social distancing and online social entrepreneurship. More and more people realize their potential and opening up their businesses remotely. What is your social entrepreneurship idea?

Social entrepreneurship or social businesses are the ones that are doing great these days, and they’re maximizing their profits, but in the meantime, our society also benefits.

A social enterprise is a dynamic, ethical, and more sustainable way of doing business. Social enterprises are innovative, independent businesses that exist to deliver a specific social and environmental mission. So if you are looking for some social business ideas, you are in the right place.

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Let’s get started with social entrepreneurship ideas. We have made the following list of the most innovative and profitable social enterprise ideas.


We all have suffered from COVID-19, and social entrepreneurship is all about bringing a change in the society for good. Well, this is the right time to start an online supermarket and deliver things to the doorstep.

You can open up a supermarket that offers goods at discounted rates. Needy people can buy their desired products, and you, as well as society, will profit as malnutrition is also a significant factor in our community.

Used textbooks for social change

Arrange meetings with student groups of various colleges and universities and ask them to donate their books at the end of each semester. It will be an excellent entrepreneurship idea that our society will benefit greatly from. You can also employ students to help in collecting and distributing books.

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Online socially conscious marketplace

Another excellent idea of creating a social enterprise will be creating a platform for people that want to sell their handicrafts e.g., handmade arts and crafts, handmade carpets and shawls, etc., but do not have a proper channel to do so. By providing them a platform to meet buyers, you are also enabling them and fulfilling the role of entrepreneur.


Just like you, many people are looking for starting their businesses, but they do not have enough resources and capital to do so. You can create a platform where organizations and individuals can lend loans to people who are willing to start their entrepreneurship. You can collect a small fee on each credit.

Baking/cooking for a social cause

Start a business where you can use your skills at best. With the help of volunteers and people that are willing to lend a hand, start community kitchens where homeless, needy, or poor people can eat at very subsidized rates.

Efficient wood stoves for developing countries

The majority of women in developing countries suffer from cardiopulmonary diseases due to breathing into the wood fire stoves. Manufacture some cost-effective and efficient stoves and sell them at a profit to ordinary people and provide these stoves at subsidized rates to those who cannot afford them.

Innovative information products

Countries that are underdeveloped and are still going through the phase of development have a very low literacy rate. You can arrange to manufacture some blankets that have instructions for infant care and distribute them at a very low cost.

Micropower generation

How about providing some alternative power generation options that can produce electricity at very low rates. Power can be produced by using biomass and waste products. The electricity manufactured by these means came to be used to provide power to classrooms and hospitals.

Socially conscious consumer electronics

Build a user-friendly electronic device that is one of its kinds. Your production should be innovative and made from the conflict-free material. You may provide these products at less than the market rate so people can benefit from it.

Beauty products and Social Entrepreneurship

This is a cool idea. You can partner up with different beauty brands to send their products to an online retailer. You should be able to convince them to provide you those products at wholesale rates. The profits generated from the sale of beauty products can be used in the welfare of society.

A marketplace for social good

Create a virtual marketplace where you can buy goods directly from manufacturers and sell them to the buyers without all the extra cost of the middle man. People can buy from that platform and avoid paying all the extra charges.

Exercise equipment for social outreach

Sell exercise equipment that is easy to use and affordable. Promote them as an alternative to getting a gym membership that in the long run costs much more. This may inspire more people to lean towards a healthier lifestyle.

Educational Travel Company

Create a virtual travel company where people who wish to travel and want to get some information can sign up with a very minimal fee. Other members can share their travel experiences their concerns and recommendations.

Micro-giving for easy philanthropy

Convince manufacturers and buyers to give away a small share of charity every time they make a sale. For example, every time a baker makes a sale of above 500 ask them to donate 50 rupees for social welfare.

Social products and employment

Acquire some social products at low cost, for example, cooking stoves, groceries, clothes. Employ some people to sell them for you. It is a direct market selling approach.

Want to know them all? Read this table!


  1. Social supermarket
  2. Used textbooks for social change
  3. Online socially conscious marketplace
  4. Micro-lending
  5. Baking/cooking for a social cause
  6. Efficient wood stoves for developing countries
  7. Innovative information products
  8. Micropower generation
  9. Socially conscious consumer electronics
  10. T-shirt activism and crowdfunding
  11. Beauty products
  12. A marketplace for social good
  13. Exercise equipment for social outreach
  14. Educational Travel Company
  15. Micro-giving for easy philanthropy
  16. Social products and employment
  17. Small online loans
  18. Energy-efficient stoves
  19. Organic clothing
  20. Compreneuship social business

Want to add something to the social entrepreneurship ideas? Let us know!

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