Home Based Sewing Business — 50 Ideas to Start

Are you experienced in stitching and sewing machine and skills; and you have to make extra income? If so, here are 50 best sewing business ideas that are creative enough that you can start today.

Even if your gift is not quite prepared for the runway scene, then you’re about to learn fifty ways you can showcase your passion and craft as well as get cash while at it, in the event you happen to be fantasizing how to make money from your sewing business.

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Sewing Business Plan

Each of the businesses that are sewing beneath might not offer a get-rich-quick escape route but you may make serious money for yourself to possibly fund two or a trip to someplace exotic if you are a determined entrepreneur. You have to make a great business plan for that.

Also, ensure you keep scrupulous records and pay close attention to your balance sheet to make a profit.

Be prepared for the challenges as well if you are ready to take the plunge into this industry. Listed below are 50 lucrative sewing company ideas for you yourself to decide on from;

Most Profitable Sewing Business Opportunities

  • Craft Upholsterer
  • Pattern Makers
  • Sample Maker
  • Sewing Online Video Classes
  • Sewing Machinist
  • Cross Stitching
  • Clothing Alteration Business
  • Wedding dress designer
  • Sewing Machine Sales
  • Upmarket Stitching
  • Hemming
  • Pet Wears
  • Lingerie Designer
  • Uniforms Sewing Business
  • Sewing Company Consultancy
  • Costume Designer
  • Home Decor Company
  • Clothing Line
  • Kids Beach Robes
  • Aprons Company
  • T-shirts Supply Company
  • Book Covers
  • Tailors
  • Storage Material Bins
  • Pill Cases and Stands
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Infant Blanket Company
  • Embroidery Company
  • Sewing language
  • Quilting Supply Company
  • Sewing Teacher
  • Event Designer
  • Drape Making Company
  • Placemats and Mug Rugs
  • Guys’ Wear
  • Hip Maternity Clothing
  • Sewing Novel Writer
  • Clasp Handbags
  • Neck Ties and Bow Ties
  • Custom caps and hats
  • Tote Bags
  • Thrifty Needleworker
  • Kids Clothes Line
  • Sleep Wears Sewing Business
  • Custom Children Clothing
  • Sewing Site
  • Dressmaker
  • Fiber Artists
  • Mobile sewing business
  • Making money sewing at home!


Is alteration business profitable? Yes, you can earn a good amount of money for alteration. Prices for common alterations typically fall into these broad ranges: Dresses: $10 to $25  and Shortening Sleeves: $15 to $40. But it all depends on the location and brand as well as the season!

woman sewing on machine

Craft Upholsterer

A craft upholsterer creates artistic upholstery which can be used for antique or furniture functions. As a craft upholsterer, you’d make use of fabrics like plush, leather, and brocade. Most times you’d need to utilize handcraft tools.

Have a feeling for aesthetics too as craft Upholsterers need to be creative, focused. Choose your niche in a place at which you won’t have many competitors and then market your services to possible clients and watch your business soar and cash roll in.

Pattern Makers

A pattern maker translates a sketch. Your task is a challenging one as you’d have to be a perfectionist and detail-oriented. Your stitching ability should be top-notched. Because as a pattern maker your endeavor is quite essential in the creation process experience and instruction is vital for this kind of company.

Over waste, you have more control as a pattern maker, sewing quality as well as issues. Starting this company will soon be quite lucrative particularly if fashion houses and designers start to see the quality of work that you do.

Sample Maker

Before the layout is approved for creation, the design is sewn by a sample maker in the pattern and notices any defect. A sample maker helps prevent difficulties and waste. A sample maker is usually a specialist at stitching different types of products and certainly will sew three completely lined jackets per day.

As a sample maker, you can educate a seamstress about generation sewing, manufacturing procedure, along with quality patterns. As a sample maker, you hold the best technique for quality that is stitching.

Sewing Online Video Classes

If you’ve always had people rave about the grade of your work, then it’s high time you think of passing on your wisdom and experience to others via online video tutoring. You’d have to give out student duties that are interesting and ensure the greatest gets recognized in the next video to ensure involvement and student advancement. Nevertheless, to accomplish that type of status needs hard work and great online marketing to attract potential students.

Sewing Machinist

As a sewing machinist, you would certainly be required to stitch furnishings or soft clothes in such a way it matches the instructions of the layout accurately. A sewing machinist has to help you to use different sewing machines like blind hemmers so as to think of different finishes; this does not, however, mean that you cannot specialize like a flatbed.

As a sewing machinist, you do not have to be just proficient at sewing but need great eyesight and steady hands, understand designs, and also have the ability to sew quickly and precisely.

Cross Stitching

Aida cloth is the top fabric to be utilized for cross stitching, especially for novices. An Aida fabric comes in numerous sizes – 28 and 11, 14, 18, and refers to how many stitches that may be created in a square inch. Other fabrics which can be used include fiddlers ’ fabric or linen.

A cross-stitcher matches the grid on the pattern of her or his choosing to the grid on the cross-stitch fabric. Then you definitely won’t have much trouble selling your pieces if you cross-stitched exceptional designs.

Clothing Alteration Business

Garments alteration business is a one that is very dull as it demands much patience and attention, irrespective of how much of an experienced seamstress or tailor you might be.

You can start this business on a scale that is small then grow to some medium or large scale to accommodate the number of clients that you will have to handle. You would also have to employ more hands to help you once the business grows. Make sure that you’re found close to fashion houses or boutiques.

Wedding dress designer

A wedding dress designer creates wedding dresses individually or through mass production. If you think for the business to become successful, you’d have to possess great advertising abilities to boost your wedding dress also have the ability to convey to customers efficiently.

The location also matters greatly in this company particularly if you would like to become a huge brand. Your gowns are advertised in appropriate bridal magazines both online and offline.

Sewing Machine Sales

This is a company that requires a huge investment as you’ll need to carry different sewing machine brands and kinds. You’d need to decide what niche of sewing machines you would also have to sell just those of high quality and intend to sell. Those planning to begin the company or those already in it are your clients, so in the beginning of this company, you’d not have any customer deficit.

You really do not have to limit yourself to sales of sewing machines alone; you may also sell different sewing machine parts for people who don’t wish to get a brand new one.

Upmarket Stitching

Someone must appeal to the lavish and top class clients. Upmarket stitching means a market that takes care of the upper-class people who will willingly pay top cash for all their dressing sewing needs. It’d require you to create outwears that may be worn on various occasions for example awards, charity balls, and music shows, and so forth. The essence is always to create a name for yourself in the fashion industry.

The greatest method to establish yourself in this type of business will be endorsed with a big star or personality; this might mean sewing wears that are revolutionary one or two for this kind of style for free.

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If you prefer to hem particularly as you’ll be managing so many pins and needles, you’ll need certainly to be detail-oriented. Occasionally also, you might have to cut the cloth, and thus you’d need to make sure the cloth is cut by you right.

Pet Wears

This thus demonstrates any entrepreneur who’s prepared to enter into this market will make as much cash and that this business is booming.

This can be an extremely profitable business if you’re creative enough to make as they’re your target audience wears that will attract the pet owners.

Lingerie Designer

The lingerie business has become a billion-dollar sector. As a lingerie designer, you need to identify the market you think going into beginning to churn out lingerie. Make sure which you carry out the promotion and adverts of your lingerie via traditional and non-traditional ways of advertising. Additionally, make sure that you will be situated in a place where there’s an enormous level of traffic.

Uniforms Sewing Business

Nonetheless, this can be a large scale company that could require more hands to be hired by you as this category of occupation normally has a deadline.

You’ll have to send a colorful booklet that reveals a few of your works using an opening letter to organizations you would like to work in the event you would like to begin this variety of company with.

Sewing Company Consultancy

Although you are proficient at stitching, however, tend not to need to go into commercial stitching, you can eventually be an advisor that is sewing.

To get customers, you’ll print out fliers and business cards and pass them outside around houses and trend schools, colleges, supermarkets as well as other places of interest. You’ll likewise require social websites newsgroups and an active website to be able to let more people contact you and view your work.

Costume Designer

Additionally, they collaborate with the makeup section to make certain that both the makeup and costume of an individual or the character is incoherence. A costume designer needs to be an expert, in carrying out their responsibilities, and quickly enough.

If you mean to be a costume designer, you should not merely discover the best way to sew, and sew fast but also understand the best way to join materials, colors at the same time as being creative and understand distinct fashions. So your target clients can find it’s a good idea to at all times show your portfolio online. Additionally, you’d have to submit a booklet using your work to production houses that are various.

Fiber Artists

As a fiber artist, you happen to be necessary to show textile art on the market, which needs the knitting, weaving, stitching, and crocheting of material, yarn, natural and artificial fiber.

To earn money out of the company as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to be advanced in combining colors and fibers to make your quilts or other handicrafts. If you’d like to run this company at home, you’ll approach boutiques and shops to assist with selling your crafts and after that agree on a revenue split together.

Event Designer

Most designers would rather concentrate on only this market. If you’d like to join up with the other entrepreneurs in this area, as the materials used for a bed cover differs from that used to get an attire, you’ll have to be adept.

You have to have the ability to join colors efficiently. It’s possible for you to choose to simply sew bed cover for adolescents and youngsters, in which case you have to always know about styles that are youthful.

Sewing Teacher

Regular more individuals need to find out the best way to sew, to pupils from a stay at home moms.

For this effect, stitching courses can be organized for you to get a fee. Pupils in schools should master sewing included in their instruction. Use to various schools locally on the necessity to allow them to allow you to come and instruct the pupils.


A dressmaker garment styling, design, and building, and should have strong sewing skills as well as a profound comprehension material. As a dressmaker, you’ll have to study fashion styles, sketch designs of clothes, a collection of garment creation execution, and varied materials. Pay attention and you’ll additionally be creative.

As a seamstress, your job isn’t just as a dressmaker, but you have to also possess the gift of a fashion designer. Most times still, you could fit, change along with build made to measure garments based on customer’s specification. Always make certain you additionally strategy boutiques on the necessity to show your works, and exhibit your works in the best places.

Quilting Supply Company

Making money by selling other quilters quilting supplies and services is tips on how to generate income in this company.

Ensure that we now have enough delivery alternatives to focus on customers wide and far.

Sewing Site

One more way to project your picture on the market will be to begin a site that is sewing. Your stitching site may be a source wherever your crowd comes to seek for brand new thoughts to find inspiration, make crafts and usually how to sew designs. Should you’ve got the present of writing, it’s time this present turns into a money-making enterprise.

Once uniformity is reached, and also a sizable followership foundation, after that you can approach trend houses, schools, retailers dealing in materials, as well as other all kinds of pitch and companies to them on the reason why they need to advertise on your web blog.

Sewing language

Although sewing language wants to sew but intimidates you, afterward being a soft toy designer may function as the most effective company for you. Even should you not discover the best way to look for cloth, the company causes it to be simple for you as you’ll be able to use any material after which set woofs and bits inside it to create a soft toy.

Stitching a soft toy as all you’d do is draw the form of the toy it’s your intention to make and sew round doesn’t take way too many hours it. If you are consistent, it is possible to sew as many playthings that are advanced as you would like and after that sell in the craft marketplace, in local shops, and at fairgrounds.

Custom Children Clothing

Before venturing into this company, you need to possess a passion for stitching itself, particularly as you’d be working using the parents and children – who will not be at all times simple to work with – design and to be able to quantify the clothes. Despite the fact that most parents would rather head to the shop to pick up something, there are parents who favor custom made clothing for his or her kids, and that means you’ll have to undertake research to find such parents.

There are a lot of choices to be produced at the beginning of this company including either obtaining a shop where parents can bring their children in for a fitting or work from home. You’d also create a website for customers that remain far off that could provide the choices of color, material types, plus a tool that will help parents figure out the way to accurately choose the measurements of these youngsters and send for you. It is possible to showcase your handwork on your site along with on popular craft sites.

Embroidery Company

There are many reasons why you should begin your personal embroidery company, among which is the must be your own personal manager. Beginning your personal embroidery company not only gives you the prospect of financial security, additionally, but it also lets you use you possess knowledge and abilities in an ambitious and creative manner.

There certainly are numerous things you must begin your company, including a business plan along with an embroidery machine. Millennials are ready for crafting, but is the $36b crafting industry ready for them? Read on Forbes.

Sleep Wears Sewing Business

You may also enter the company of selling and designing designs for creating slumber wear, employed after which let consumers sew their very own from the designs to get a fee.

Infant Blanket Company

In The Event you would like to enter the company of earning baby blankets, then you’ll have to prepare yourself. You sell your infant blankets on the internet or through local shops and can begin the company at the house.

Kids Clothes Line

Beginning a kids’ clothesline the same as some other company is a company that might demand you carry out your research. You should be aware of that even understand that you are sewing for the kids, it’s, in fact, the parents who purchase.

Toiletry Bag

It is a market for virtually any entrepreneur that’s trying to diversify into other regions. Simply ensure that you simply use fabrics that are yet colorful and robust so as to ensure it is appealing to clients who want to get.

Thrifty Needleworker

This type of business mightn’t bring in megabucks, but it will help keep your bottom line healthy. A sewer that is thrifty makes use of discarded clothes to make new wears or crafts. This means that as a thrifty sewer, you’d spend less on purchasing fabrics compared to common tailor or seamstress.

Before starting this company, make sure you execute your research. You may even run the company with any other business of your choice.

Pill Cases and Stands

The truth that stitching is in a fashion-inclined business doesn’t mean that it cannot cross over into other sectors as is noticeable with entrepreneurs who are now building a foray to the I.T sector by merging fashion and technology. You’d have to perform research on which fabrics are long-lasting before going into the company of stitching stands and cases for pills, and be detail-oriented, in addition to you’ll also have an eye for color and imagination.

Tote Bags

Should you be desperate to get a sewing company thought that is certainly quite profitable, then consider going into creating tote bags for sale. A tote bag may be used for every day or pleasure. You’ll have to make sure that you get durable materials so that the bags can take things without enduring a tear. You’d develop fashions and specific creative colors, and promote the bags online and offline.

Storage Material Bins

Most people are tired of the conventional storage bins and so often select cloth bins. Entrepreneurs must search for long-lasting materials that would not wear out following a brief while. Make certain you carry out proper research before going into this business, so as to understand where your target markets are and who. You may make the storage bins into sizes and distinct revolutionary shapes.


Tailors are those who make custom-made women and men clothing. The whole garment might be created by a tailor or work in a team. Tailors also help with alterations and repairs to clothes purchased or created elsewhere. As a tailor, you would need to spend some time collecting and researching layout notions, which could come from sources for example fabric samples and clients, magazines, booklets, pattern books, artwork, exhibitions.

Custom caps and hats

This is another market that can be looked into in case you are an entrepreneur that is certainly short on stitching business tips that are advanced to embark on. Making custom caps and hats is a successful business as virtually everyone owns one or two caps, which means there’s a market because of it.

Neck Ties and Bow Ties

If you are looking for a company that needs less effort for good money sewing of neckties and bow ties may indeed function as the business for you.

This could be a silent cash churner for you. Your objective can be gift shops and men’s clothing stores both online and offline.

Book Covers

Everyone is seeking to get a business that showcases their fire but brings in cash too. The book covers the design business has the potential of satisfying the preceding requirements and much more. Everyone uses a laptop either for business academic or recreational purposes.

Also, most folks won’t mind having their laptops stick out from others, which means you’ll need to handle research on the type of book covers will likely sell most, as the requirements pupils will likely differ from that of adults.

Clasp Handbags

Not everyone fancies carrying a sizable bag with them every now and after that. Big bags have their purposes and functions, just like clasp handbags at the same time. Most people would not have the way of splashing against money on an expensive handbag, and however, they need a purse that produces them stand out without being overly expensive.

As an entrepreneur, this is a niche in case you have the aptitude for inventiveness; you might want to look out especially. Execute a massive promotion for your clutch purses especially online as most folks usually goes online to seek befitting gift ideas for themselves or somebody else.

T-shirts Supply Company

Just about everyone wears a t-shirt either indoors for work or outside during events and occasions. Some others are in the t-shirt design company but frequently desire somebody who can furnish them with t-shirts, which can be where you come in. This really is a challenging business because so many times, you would have to sew many t-shirts to meet up with demand but when you do have more hands, it’s a business that can bring in huge gains for you too.

Advertise your services online and offline. Make sure you pass out business cards and your fliers in places for example schools, churches, non-profit organizations as well as other areas as these would be the ones that generally require getting a substantial supply of t-shirt. You can offer other services such as embroidery too.

Sewing Novel Writer

Then you certainly can become a sewing book writer should you be skillful in stitching and also have a vast knowledge that you feel needs to be shared with others in the sewing sector and even newbies. It’s possible for you to choose to market your books as physical copies in stores or offer them online as e-books. If you are selling online, you can readily come up using a fresh publication either half-yearly or annual, to infuse each novel with new trends.

You’ll need to perform a gigantic promotion of your book and list precisely what the novel contains so as to attract people into purchasing the novels.

Aprons Company

Aprons are protective materials worn during cluttered jobs within the body. The materials to make an apron used depends on the apron’s planned use. Kitchen aprons, for example, can use just about any type of material, but aprons used in the hospital will require greater than that.

If you would like to begin the work of making aprons, then you are sure to earn a good deal of gains since the amount needed to be invested before it’s possible to start an apron company is small set alongside the sales to be made.

Hip Maternity Clothing

Gone would be the times where folks put on any gowns that are fluid simply because they were pregnant. Now, most pregnant girls wear stylish maternity wears so as to celebrate their fashion as well as appear hot as well.

More and more entrepreneurs are going into this business particularly as according to figures; more than 4 million babies are born yearly. Also, all pregnant women have at least five pregnancy wears, with a few owning more, making this a very profitable marketplace should you decide to venture into it. Should you sell your maternity wears, sew, and design, you’re likely to make an enormous amount of cash particularly if your goal customers adore what you make.

Kids Beach Robes

Children adore visiting the pool and to the seashore, nevertheless, most times after utilizing the pool or playing on the seashore, most parents make use of a towel on their children which usually falls off after some time. However a beach robe can also be helpful when you wish to pull their beachwear off for their house wear, it does like a towel would n’t fall off, and not only helps keep your young ones warm.

You’ll note that there is a large market for shore robes for children, in case you execute your research well. It doesn’t need any elaborate stitching style or machine and can even be sewn by hand: simply make sure you get enough colorful fabrics as kids usually adore something colorful.

Guys’ Wear

Men’s clothes are usually tailored to the wearer. Because of this, making men’s garments necessitates techniques and tools which may not be comfortable to numerous needleworkers like flat-felled seams to finish an armscye, or a 1/8″ border guide presser foot to ensure exact edge stitching. This reveals how lucrative this company could be for any motivated entrepreneur.

Clothing Line

For you to begin with a clothing line that is commercially successful, you would need certainly to place in an excellent number of commitments, but it may be the perfect enterprise for you if you are enthusiastic about fashion.

Nonetheless, before beginning this business, you’d need to measure the market’s demand for the niche you think going into to ensure its feasibility. A business plan is crucial in case you would like to know very well everything you’re prone to face before commencing the company.

Placemats and Mug Rugs

Colorful placemats and mug rugs add a dash of beauty into dwellings and so going to the business will see you making money immediately. You’ll not need too much cloth to make one set, which means you may create as many different colored ones as you could.

Advertise your crafts in internet markets and market your company via social media platforms as well as your website.

Home Decor Company

By going to the home decor company, take your sewing business up a notch. If you have the flair to produce a lovely dash in someone’s residence, then this company idea is definitely for you.

The good thing relating to this business is that contented clients would always refer one to friends and coworkers. Also, your works advertise themselves.

Cloth Shop

You would possibly start your own cloth shop particularly if you feel there is a dependence on more selections of cloth in your town in the event you love quilting and sewing. Cloth stores have become prosperous specialty retail operations and can get you a fast gain very quickly.

You’ll have to perform research on what kind of colors and cloths individuals in your town mostly use. Bypassing out flyers and online via social networking newsgroups, after beginning to ensure that you simply promote your shop offline.

Drape Making Company

Curtains help keep the sun out while keeping the coolness indoors. They’re able to be thick, or thin depending on a client’s preference. As a certain manufacturer, you’ve got the opportunity at growing your drape business into a successful one. Nonetheless, your target market is crucial for this company as virtually every window, residential, or requires a drape.

The cost of starting the company drapes upon the type of clothes and gear you intend to buy. However, you can start little by then growing too heavy fabrics and getting clothes that are light as your company expands. You could also add your company and drape mending.

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