The Best Retirement Communities and Senior Living in the USA

Retirement communities in the U.S. signify a broader term that consists of different types of housing societies and senior living centers for the aged and the retd. Senior citizens. They are not retirement homes or old homes.

These retirement communities are residential or housing communities for those retirees who are no longer involved in work—retired happily or are over a particular age limit. They are usually age-restricted to 55 or above who can take care of themselves without nursing and other medical staff. Most retirement communities are located in warm and moderate climates for the betterment of the retirees.

Independent Living Facilities
A retiree on the beach.

Why are retirement communities made? They are made to socialize among senior citizens of the localities. Common facilities required for elders are also easily availed in these societies.

Most of the retirement communities in the United States consist of large areas, which include luxury facilities such as clubhouses, art houses, golf courses, and on-site medical centers, etc. They are also known as ‘Active Adult Communities’.


The best retirement communities

There are millions of people in retirement communities, making these facilities the best place for retirees. These places have changed the lifestyle of people who live there. Let’s know more about the types and categories of retirement communities.

In the U.S., retirement communities comprise of three categories:

  • Active communities
  • Active and supportive communities
  • Supportive communities

Active communities

They mostly consist of living units with no long term medical care and health benefits. These communities are considered the best retirement communities for retired persons as well as for those who are close to their retirement.

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People living in active retirement communities share the following common traits:

  • They work together towards one goal.
  • Freedom of expression is allowed for all.
  • They have set clear policies and a set of rules.
  • Rules are for all—fair and equal treatments.
  • Their concerns are adequately addressed.
  • They celebrate community heritage.
  • Members interact with each other and socialize.
  • They elect leaders that stand by community values.

Active and supportive communities

You may have heard of the continuing care retirement communities. This is just another name for these active and supportive communities. In these communities, medical and health care benefits are combined to give retirees the utmost satisfaction through a coordinated approach and preventative activities.

How do retirement communities work? These communities provide long term healthcare and living for the retirees who are aging. The facilities differ for active and supportive communities.

Why people live in retirement communities? People want to go to retirement communities because they want to:

  • Everybody has a natural desire to live independently.
  • To be an active part of a community that gives special attention to retirees.
  • They want to have a support network of family and friends and participate in social activities in the groups.
  • To join the volunteer’s force and do some voluntary services in the Community.
  • They want to have a positive outlook on life.
  • Care for other people of the same age group.

Following things are provided in the active and supportive communities:

Supportive communities

Supportive communities offer medical and health benefits like assisted living centers, nursing homes, and other treatment places. These types of communities give good healthcare and may allow people to keep some sort of freedom with themselves.

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What is the difference between active and supportive communities? The key difference is the level of overall support in daily living activities. While seniors in active communities take care of most of their own needs, they may be offered some facilities such as meals, laundry services, and other planned activities. In supportive communities, most of the needs are assisted by specialized people.

The way in which these communities function can help to improve—or inhibit—a physical activity for retirees.

What do retirees do in retirement communities? Below is a list of some of the popular luxury and physical fitness activities in active retirement communities in the United States:

  • Cards—community-wide tournaments.
  • There are fitness classes in state-of-the-art fitness centers.
  • Entertainment—indoor theatre with a stage and sound system is there.
  • Hobbies and crafts studios are there where creativity is exercised daily.
  • Sports—intense and lower-impact activities depending upon your age are there.
  • There would be traveling in groups—something that retirees love the most.
  • Special interest groups are there—where like-minded people socialize.

How to find active retirement communities near me? The best way is to use Google Maps, or you can see the following senior living homes in the United States.

Want to see some of the luxury retirement communities? The following are the best retirement communities in the United States. 

Retirement communities in Florida

Florida is top on the lists of states that are best to retire. You may have read or heard from people that there are a lot of retirees in Florida. There is a good number of reasons why so many retirees settled in Florida. Most probably, you’re planning to choose a location where you can live a comfortable life or—retirement life to be more precise.

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Whether you are looking for an active community or supportive, you need to know why exactly Florida so attractive to retirees. The best thing is obviously, the warmth and the beautiful beaches.

The pros:

Why do seniors retire in Florida? Most of the retirees prefer this state over others because of the following reasons:

  • The sunshine is the first thing to see.
  • Tax-friendly state for retirees
  • You can expect good healthcare
  • Enjoy outdoors once you retire
  • World-famous beaches
  • Enjoy water sports and activities
  • F.L. has the largest 55+ communities

The cons:

Why not live in F.L.?  Just because F.L. has bad gun policies and too many tourists making bad traffic.

If you are you looking for an assisted living, these are the best retirement communities in Florida:

retd in FL
Top 20 locations for you.
  • The Villages
  • Sun Towers  Retirement Community
  • Cypress Lakes 55+  Community
  • Del Webb Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club
  • Florida Living  Retirement Community
  • Summer Glen
  • Bear Creek 55+  Community
  • Oakview Lakes
  • Lake Griffin Harbor 55+ Community
  • Strawberry Ridge 55+ Community
  • Hovnanian’s Four  Seasons at Orlando
  • On Top of the World Communities
  • Penney Retirement Community
  • On Top Of The World  Clearwater
  • Village Green Active 55+ Community
  • Hyde Park 55+ Community
  • Lakeview Terrace – A CCRC
  • Blair Group  Communities
  • Del Webb Orlando
  • Mulligan Park Gracious
Retirement communities in Florida US
The Villages— Florida

The world’s largest retirement community is in Florida.

With its 40-square-mile area, ‘The Villages, Florida’ is the largest and best retirement community with state of the art fitness centers and excellent opportunities for senior citizens.

Let’s see the details.


Some of the facilities and luxuries in the retirement communities in Florida include:

  • Golf courses—free golf for life as advertised
  • Recreation centers
  • Entertainment Events
  • State of the art highway system
  • Excellent public transportation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Other activities and clubs

How much do retirement communities cost? These communities cost around 1500$ to 7000$ and above: the more luxuries, the more costs. If you look at the independent living costs by state, the District of Columbia has the highest costs of around $220 a day.

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Retirement communities in Arizona

It’s not just about the sunshine, Arizona has a lot to offer, which is exactly why so many seniors have been moving there lately. The natural beauty and those red rocks with moderate climates and big mountains that stretch for miles have made this sate a place of attraction for everyone. As you’re thinking of choosing a place where you can live the rest of your life watching nature closely, this is the right place for you.

The best thing in Arizona is obviously, the sunshine and the beautiful red rocks. Let’s know more about it.

Why do retirees live in Arizona? Senior citizens usually move to AZ for the following reasons:

  • Plenty of sunshine to be found.
  • There are fewer insect problems in Arizona.
  • Arizona is moderately tax-friendly for retirees.
  • Driving and road trips are always possible in Arizona.
  • You can expect good healthcare.
  • There are plenty of cultural activities.
  • Enjoy golfing and other activities.
  • Arizona is a young state.

The cons:

Why not live in AZ?  Just because AZ has bad things like politics, unemployment, and too many tourists at times.

While looking at the weather conditions, Arizona could be a better option as the temperature is warm. Phoenix receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year, scaling down to an average between 10-14 hours in summer and between 8-9 in winter.

senior living in Arizona
20 best locations in the area

These are some of the popular retirement communities in Arizona State:

  • Phoenix Arizona Retirement Communities
  • Arizona Active Adult Communities
  • Mountain Park Senior Living
  • Sunrise Village Active 55+Community
  • Watermark Communities
  • Estrella Estates Gracious Retirement Living
  • Mountain View Retirement Village
  • Senior Living Services
  • Palos Verdes Senior Living
  • Majestic Rim
  • Robson Communities
  • McDowell Village
  • Robson Communities
  • Wooddale Village
  • Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch by Del Webb

Retirement communities in Tennessee

With an affordable cost of retirement communities, there are many popular cities statewide that can give you the best facilities you can ever imagine. The weather in the area and the rich culture makes it a great place.

Why do retirees love Tennessee? These are the factors people love about this state:

  • The cost of living is moderate.
  • It is a tax-friendly state, no personal income tax.
  • There are entertainment opportunities.
  • Crime rates are lower than in other states.
  • Access to medical care is easier.
  • There is a rich culture that would suit you here.

The cons:

Why not live in T.N.? Severe weather conditions, multiple nuclear power plants, and violent gangs maybe some of the bad things or concerns for retirees.  

Are you looking for retirement communities in Tennessee? These could be your go-to places in the State:

senior retd in Tennessee
20 ideal places for retd living
  • Alexian Village of Tennessee
  • Park Place Retirement Community
  • Sherrill Hills
  • Fairfield Glade
  • Deer Lake
  • Hickory Valley
  • Robinwood
  • Windlands South, East
  • Uffelman Estates
  • Ashwood Square
  • Echo Ridge
  • Sycamores Terrace
  • Regency Retirement Village of Morristown
  • Somerby Franklin
  • Robinwood Retirement Resort
  • The Neighborhood at Tellico Village
  • Fairfield Glade
  • Uplands Village
  • Alexian Village of Tennessee
  • Maybelle Carter Living
  • Tellico Village
  • Garden Plaza of Greenbriar Cove

Retirement communities in South Carolina

With an affordable cost of senior living, there is plenty of natural beauty statewide that can give you the best experience you can ever have. The perfect weather in the city and the history-rich culture makes it a great place indeed.

Why do retirees love South Carolina? There are these seven-reasons people love this state:

  • The cost of living in S.C. is comparatively lower.
  • South Carolina is a tax-friendly state for retirees.
  • The hospitality is exceptionally well.
  • There’s plenty of natural beauty and entertainment opportunities.
  • Access to healthcare is easier.
  • The history-rich culture is there that fits the interests of retirees.

The cons:

Why not live in S.C.? The densely populated areas, poverty, and some violent crimes, maybe a few bad things about it.

Here are some of the top senior living in the SC:

map of south Carolina for South Carolina retirees
Map of South Carolina Communities
  • Seasons at Prince  Creek
  • Del Webb Charleston at Nexton
  • Sun City Carolina Lakes
  • Del Webb at Grande  Dunes in Myrtle Beach
  • Jensens Retirement  Community, South Carolina
  • Rolling Green Village
  • Summit Hills
  • Sun City Hilton Head by Del Webb
  • Tide Pointe, a Vi Community
  • Park Pointe Village
  • The Lakes at Litchfield
  • Brightwater
  • The Woodlands at Furman
  • Carolina Orchards by Del Webb
  • Bishop Gadsden  Episcopal
  • Wildewood Downs
  • Pebble Springs Adult  Community
  • Heritage Lifestyle Communities
  • Forest Pines
  • Summerville Estates Gracious
  • Somerby of Mount Pleasant

Retirement communities in Colorado

Colorado communities will be the best place to live in if you love nature, mountains, and rocks. With an affordable cost of senior living—tax-friendly state, there are these majestic mountains, so many recreational opportunities, and beautiful weather.

Why do retirees love to retire in Colorado? These are the top reasons people love this state:

  • Colorado is tax-friendly for retirees.
  • There are a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Fitness and sports. Colorado has a lower obesity rate.
  • There’s plenty of natural beauty and entertainment opportunities.
  • Access to city life and healthcare.
  • Four season makes it a great place.
  • There are several museums, and the state is rich cultured.

The cons:

Why not live in Colorado? The population, bad traffic, and crimes maybe the bad things about Colorado.

These are some of the best retirement communities in Colorado:

retd map in Colorado
Colorado Communities Map
  • Winslow Court Retirement Community
  • Summit Glen
  • Sunridge
  • MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs
  • Bonaventure of Colorado Springs
  • Aspen Trail Retirement Resort
  • Covenant Living of Colorado
  • Wind Crest
  • The Palisades at Broadmoor Park
  • Liberty Heights
  • Cherry Creek Retirement Village
  • Vi at Highlands Ranch
  • Holly Creek
  • The Inn at Garden Plaza
  • Province Springs
  • Parkside Village
  • Harvard Square Retirement & Assisted Living
  • Springwood
  • Concordia On the Lake
  • Flatirons Terrace Senior Living
  • Lincoln Meadows Senior Living
  • Holiday Village – Colorado
  • Village at Belmar

Retirement communities in North Carolina

North Carolina is becoming the favorite place for retirees with its stunning coastline and beautiful weather. With an affordable cost of senior living—being a tax-friendly state, there are the Smokey mountains, outdoor opportunities, and beautiful coastal weather.

Why do retirees love to retire in North Carolina? These are the top reasons people love NC:

  • North Carolina has a great tax break for seniors.
  • There are a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities, and N.C. is home to the mountains and beautiful coastline.
  • An abundance of professional sports.
  • The best healthcare facilities for seniors are available.
  • The four distinct season makes it worth living.
  • It is home to several historical sites.

The cons:

Why not live in N.C.? The only concern you might have would be great food insecurity as you probably can’t find a great barbecue here.

These are the places to live in NC:

Map North Carolina
North Carolina Societies of Seniors
  • Carolina Preserve at Amberly
  • Del Webb Wilmington
  • Brunswick Forest
  • Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community
  • Golf Communities  North Carolina
  • Baileys Glen By South Creek Construction Sales Office
  • Whispering Pines  Gracious Retirement Living
  • College Walk
  • Senior Living  Communities, LLC
  • Grace Ridge  Retd Community
  • Givens Estates
  • The Walk at East  Village
  • Providence Meadows  Gracious Retirement Living
  • Capital Oaks
  • Williams Place  Gracious Retirement Living
  • Carolina Estates
  • Plantation Estates
  • Bella Vista Gracious
  • The Cypress of  Raleigh
  • The Cypress of Charlotte
  • Tryon Estates
  • Carolina Village
  • Lake Shore Commons
  • The Village at Motts  Landing
  • Carol Woods – Coventry
  • Quail Haven  Retirement Village
  • The Forest at Duke Continuing Care
  • Chapelwood
  • Windsor Run Senior  Living Community
  • Del Webb at  Traditions

Retirement communities in Georgia

When you’re looking toward retirement, you will need some big decisions for yourself.

Georgia is becoming the next favorite state for retirees with the world’s largest laser-light shows in summer and year-round fun activities. With a cheaper cost of senior living—being an extremely tax-friendly state, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors.

Why do retirees love to retire in Georgia? These are the top reasons people love Georgia:

  • Georgia is extremely tax-friendly for retirees, especially 65 and above.
  • There are a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities in summer and winter.
  • Living costs are substantially cheaper.
  • There are great healthcare facilities for retirees.
  • Georgia’s weather is warm and suitable for seniors.
  • People are very friendly.

The cons:

Why not live in Georgia? The down-sides you might hear from people would be population density, unemployment, and some crimes that vary from city to city.

These are some of the well-known retirement communities in Georgia:

Georgia retd loc
Georgia Societies for Seniors
  • Orchards at East Cherokee
  • Del Webb at Lake Oconee
  • Marsh’s Edge
  • Cottonwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living
  • Vernon Woods
  • Winnwood Assisted & Independent Living
  • Sterling Estates of East Cobb Independent and Assisted Living
  • The Cottages of Monroe
  • The Marshes of Skidaway Island
  • Kingsbridge Retirement Community
  • Peachtree Hills Place
  • Del Webb Chateau Elan
  • Windsong Manor
  • Iris Place
  • The Cottages at Woodland Terrace
  • George Village
  • Hiawassee Park Senior Living Community
  • Linwood Estates Gracious Retirement Living
  • River’s Edge
  • Renaissance on Peachtree

Retirement communities in Texas

When you’re a senior, two things will matter the most. The first thing is the weather; the second is the cost of living. With a moderate cost of senior living—a huge tax-friendly area where no income tax on pension, IRAs, and 401(k) as well as working income if you do a part-time job.

Why do retirees love to retire in Texas? These are the top reasons to move to TX:

  • The state loves seniors, very tax-friendly for retirees.
  • Living costs are substantially cheaper.
  • Fairs are a huge part of Texas culture.
  • There is a great medical assistance for retirees.
  • Texas weather is warm and perfect for seniors.
  • People are very friendly, and the state is rich cultured.

The cons:

Why not live in Texas? The concerns you may have would be roads and horrible drivers.

These are the places for seniors in TX:

Texas Senior living
TX senior living map
  • Robson Ranch Texas
  • Siesta Retirement Village
  • Watermere Retirement Community
  • Longhorn Village
  • Lakeline Oaks
  • Parc Place
  • Del Webb at Trinity Falls
  • Oak Park Resort Retirement Resort
  • Lake Travis Independent Living
  • The Rosewood Senior Care Centers
  • Blue Skies of Texas
  • Magnolia Heights
  • Independence Hill
  • Texas Masonic Retirement Center
  • Atria at the Arboretum
  • Maple Ridge Gracious
  • Westminster
  • Provident Crossings Retirement Resort
  • Highland Springs Senior Living Community
  • Village East
  • The Langford at College Station
  • Parkview in Frisco
  • The Buckingham
  • The Crossings
  • The Chateau

Retirement communities in Pennsylvania

With a low cost of senior living—an extremely tax-friendly state where there is no income tax on pension, IRAs, and 401(k), P.A. offers you a lot. There are so many good things about living in P.A.

Is PA a good state to retire in? If you are ready to retire but have not yet decided where to live, P.A. is a great place.

These are the top reasons to choose to PA:

  • The retiree’s income is tax-exempt.
  • P.A. has one of the best veterans’ health care facilities in the country.
  • Living costs are substantially cheaper.
  • There are four distinct seasons that provide a variety of weather and beauty.
  • The historic architecture of the state is worth watching.
  • People are very friendly, and the state has beautiful mountains and outdoor recreational opportunities.

The cons:

Why not live in P.A.? The concerns you may have would be the worst acid rain and coal mines.

These are some of the well-known communities in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Places
Senior Living in Pennsylvania
  • Village of Buckingham Springs
  • Alden Place
  • Shawnee Ridge
  • Cornwall Manor
  • Willow Valley Communities
  • Quarryville Presbyterian
  • Riddle Village Life Care
  • Penn National Community
  • Gwynedd Estates
  • Fort Washington Estates
  • Foulkeways at Gwynedd
  • Sterling Heights Gracious Retirement Living
  • Spring House Estates
  • Bellingham Retirement Community
  • Creek View 55+ Community
  • The Village At Penn State
  • Granite Farms Estates
  • Masonic Village at Dallas
  • Lima Estates
  • United Zion
  • Southampton Estates
  • Manor at Willow Valley Communities
  • Presbyterian Senior Living
  • Brittany Pointe Estates
  • Normandy Farms Estates
  • The Hill at Whitemarsh
  • Longwood At Oakmont
  • Country Meadows
  • Arbor Gate Ltd
  • Garden Spot Village
  • Ann’s Choice Senior Living Community
  • Horizons at the Village at Whitehall
  • Kendal At Longwood
  • Acts Retirement-Life Communities

American retirement communities in Mexico

If you are planning to retire in Mexico, you can enjoy the warm climate, natural beauty, state of the art infrastructure, and one of the world’s most fascinating cultures.

With a low cost of senior living—and warm weather for seniors, it’s home to thousands of retirees.

These are the top reasons to choose Mexico:

  • There are several communities built for senior living.
  • Healthcare in Mexico has very high standards.
  • Living costs are affordable and cheaper than other states.
  • The rich culture is attractive.
  • People are very friendly, and the natural beauty is admirable.

The cons:

Is it true that Mexico isn’t a safe place to live? Why not live in Mexico? The concerns you may have would be the worst kind of crimes, racism, and robberies. The U.S. government Loves to issue travel warnings about Mexico.

These some of the good places to retiree in Mexico:

retd Mexico map
Mexico Retirement Communities
  • Trails West
  • Del Webb at Mirehaven
  • Serena Senior Care
  • Good Samaritan Society – Las Cruces Village
  • Priya Living Warm Springs
  • Watermark Retirement Communities
  • Priya Living – Santa Clara
  • Sunrise Senior Living Inc.
  • Casa de Retiro El Mirador
  • Sun City Mesquite by Del Webb
  • Sunrise Retirement
  • BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Rio Rancho
  • Del Webb at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach
  • Del Webb at Dove Mountain
  • Picacho Mountain
  • BeeHive Homes of Assisted Living Albuquerque
  • Birds of a Feather Resort Community
  • Albuquerque Meadows Mobile Home Community
  • Coronado Village Manufactured Home and R.V. Community
  • Mexpro – Mexico Insurance Professionals
  • AMAR Retirement Communities Association
  • Casa Tukari Assisted Living Puerto Vallarta
  • Cielito Lindo Assisted & Independent Living
  • Alicia’s Convalescent Nursing Home
  • Sage at Oasis of Hope

Retirement communities in Virginia

You are looking for a tax-friendly state where you can go for your passion and hobbies? Let’s give you the right information about life in Virginia. The average cost of living in Virginia is 9.4% above the national average. It’s an expensive state.

These are some of the reasons to choose Virginia:

  • The state is tax-friendly for retirees.
  • Healthcare has a very high standard.
  • Virginians enjoy countless festivals and luxuries.
  • The rich history and culture diversities are fascinating.
  • Crime rates are comparatively lower.
  • People are very friendly.
  • Retire here in Virginia and hit the trails hard!

The cons:

Why not live in Virginia? The concerns you may have would be the cost of living, nuclear facilities, and bad traffic.

These some of the great places in Virginia state:

Virginia Map Showing Senior Living
Virginia Senior Living Map
  • Westminster-Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay
  • Atlantic Shores Retirement Community
  • The Woodlands Retirement Community
  • Bay Lake Retirement and Assisted Living Community
  • VMRC – Virginia Mennonite
  • Hermitage Northern Virginia
  • Sommerset Retd Community
  • Celebrate by Del Webb
  • WindsorMeade of Williamsburg
  • Chesterfield Heights
  • Atria Virginia Beach
  • Summit Square
  • The Reserve at Greenbrier
  • Heatherwood
  • The Hidenwood
  • Atlantic Shores
  • First Colonial Inn
  • Westminster Canterbury Richmond
  • Va Mennonite
  • Paul Spring
  • Atlantic Shores
  • Willow Creek
  • Stuarts Draft Retirement Community and Christian Homes
  • The Village at Orchard Ridge
  • Sunnyside Communities
  • Ashby Ponds Senior Living Community
  • American Retirement Homes Inc
  • Greenspring Senior Living Community
  • Williamsburg Landing
  • The Fairfax at Belvoir Woods
  • The Towers Retirement and Assisted Living Community
  • The Devonshire Senior Living
  • Settler’s Ridge

The following table shows the retirement communities cost:

State Daily Cost Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Florida $100 $3,045 $36,540
Arizona $115 $3,500 $42,000
Tennessee $124 $3,780 $45,360
South Carolina $99 $3,000 $36,000
Colorado $134 $4,063 $48,750
North Carolina $99 $3,000 $36,000
Georgia $94 $2,850 $34,200
Texas $116 $3,515 $42,180
Pennsylvania $118 $3,600 $43,200
Mexico $118 $3,600 $43,200
Oklahoma $92 $2,803 $33,630

Assisted living cost data is taken from Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2020

Which city is the best for retirees?  How do you define the best location for senior living? Based on the people selection and perfect weather conditions, these are some good cities to choose from.

These are some of the most popular senior living locations in the United States:

  • Atlanta
  • Hampton Roads
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • Tampa Bay

Refernces and Credits:

  1. The data, such as jobs, crimes, and tax-related info is taken the government websites, i.e., SSA, and the U.S. Labor Department.
  2. Financial terms and help were taken from Investopedia.
  3. Retirement and Investment related info from SmartAssests
  4. No Amazon links are inserted. No sponsored content added. If you want that, let us know.

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