10 Steps to A Successful Career Change

It’s absolutely essential to keep your career aligned with what you want. While thinking of a career change, some people question themselves and the career choices they have made.

For young people, it’s very easy to do a career change assessment and quiz. There are many opportunities if you just look around. Meanwhile, a career change in elder age shouldn’t be a problem at all. There many career choices over 50. If you are not happy with your job, just simply quit it. There are many easy career changes that pay well.

The coronavirus pandemic will change careers and lives for the foreseeable future. It is changing work forever, more people will focus on online trade. You can read, Coronavirus May Impact Your Retirement.

Why People Change Careers?

These are some of the major reason that leads to a career change:

  • Better pay
  • Stress at work
  • For better work-life balance
  • New challenges in Life
  • Redundancy

Young workers are more likely to take the leap of faith and leave their jobs for another one, a lot of people over 40 have a feeling that they cannot leave their jobs and therefore have to stick with it till retirement.

Although these are fewer people who opt for a career change there are many others who deep down wish to do something. Following is the job satisfaction graph which is pretty good a few years back.

why career change

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5.2% of people have seen a career change. The predictions and projected data give an overview of likely changes in the economy over a 10-year term.

Employment and projected career change by education (2018-2028)
Typical education 2018 Employment (in thousands) Career change (percent)
Number Percent distribution
Total, all occupations 161,037.7 100.0 5.2
Doctoral or professional degree 4,382.9 2.7 9.0
Master’s degree 2,685.1 1.7 13.7
Bachelor’s degree 35,479.2 22.0 7.7
Associate’s degree 3,572.6 2.2 7.9
Postsecondary nondegree award 9,993.1 6.2 8.2
Some college, no degree 4,105.6 2.5 1.4
High school diploma or equivalent 62,426.8 38.8 2.9
No formal educational credential 38,392.3 23.8 5.0

According to a survey in 2017, in the United States, two out of five employees (40%) expressed, to some degree, the possibility of seeking employment outside their organization within the next year. This is quite a big number as the percentage goes high in other countries. In some countries, more than half of the people want to change their career at the age of 40.

At age 40, you are almost two decades into your career. You have got plenty of experience in that particular field yet you have no idea whether you would go to the top of the career ladder. Isn’t it so? Always remember, don’t be hesitant to reinvent yourself!

You may be at a stage where you feel that you need a career change – this doesn’t have to be a drastic change, it could just be that you need a change of environment. While looking at job satisfaction, we must know the differences in importance vs. satisfaction of jobs. Most of the times people take importance as satisfaction which leads to anxieties and depression as they are not truly satisfied.

10 Steps to a Successful Career Change

These are the steps involved in a career change for people who want to start something new:

  1. Evaluate your current job satisfaction (probably you know it)
  2. Assess your interests, values, and skills. (Career change quiz)
  3. Consider alternative careers (Some easy ideas here)
  4. Check out job options
  5. Get personal start searching, Linkedin it
  6. Set up a job shadow
  7. Identify volunteer activities and test yourself
  8. Take classes, learn something
  9. Upgrade and polish your skills for a career change
  10. Consider a new job in the same industry (if possible)

Now, let’s discuss the professional skills list. What are the areas of expertise in your resume? What if you change your career? See these pros and cons.

These are some of the latest opportunities for career changes.

High Paying Career Change ideas

When you have decided that you are going to change your career, you need to use these skills.

  1. Your transferable skills
  2. Hobbies and Interests
  3. Use your Network
  4. Visualize your future
  5. Explore and analyze possible career matches

To make this decision easier for you, we have these latest career change ideas for determined people. It turns out that professionals are keenly interested in learning new skills.

There are at least 50,000 professional skills in the world, according to LinkedIn data.

If you’re switching your career like me, you probably have time to learn and test a few skills this year. So, let’s discuss these ideas. What are the soft skills companies are looking for the most? 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills.

Let’s get started with some of the latest soft skills and business ideas that can make you a millionaire.

Start Consulting Business:

If you want to start a consulting business, you should know that it takes good planning to kick off this service. A year or two ahead of launching this idea would be enough for it. Build relationships with your current work environment with colleagues, suppliers, competitors—anyone who will be a good contact for you when you head out on your own. Follow these steps:

  1. You need to build up your Rolodex
  2. Do you know your niche? Find Your Niche!
  3. You will need to practice a set of talking points
  4. Build the boilerplate template for proposals
  5. Layout your business model and pricing structure
  6. Know What Comes Next (Know the responses)

Before starting up a consulting business, take your time, and plan ahead. Set some good business goals, take actionable steps, and review your business plan frequently to ensure you are making the right adjustments during the execution of the plan. Do some marketing, and that’s it!

Content Marketing:

We are living in a digital age. There are a ton of businesses looking for an online presence on different social media platforms. They need writers and content promoters. This is not an easy task though. Content marketing writers help to design, edit, and manage digital communication materials.

This type of marketing involves making sharing materials such as blogs, videos, and infographics which are widely shared and viewed on social platforms. Content marketing writing can be done from any location and as such it offers flexibility for anyone who delves into it. With a background in marketing or writing, you can easily make a switch to content marketing for earning a good amount of money.

Become A Tutor:

Have you ever thought of teaching the skills you’ve got? If Yes, know more about it. Private tutors offer to tutor individuals outside the classrooms. Start an online tutoring session if you have time. This service is highly in demand because a lot of parents would want to augment what their wards are being taught in the traditional schooling system. You can schedule the tutoring sessions in such a way as to suit your times.

Tutoring does not require the rigorous training that teachers have to go through in order to become certified. You can easily switch from a classroom teacher to a private tutor. On average, tutors earn about $55,000 per annum. You can also think of online tutoring as a big project where you hire more tutors to teach online.

Become A Technical Writer:

If you have a strong technical background and love to make difficult things easier then start technical writing. What technical writing is? It simply involves making the complicated easy to comprehend. Technical writers are experienced writers who are able to make technical and difficult to understand instructions easy. The services of technical writers are required when writing technical and user manuals. Technical writers have a huge demand in fields such as engineering, technology, and science.

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Start Career as Sales Demonstrator:

If you are thinking of changing your career at a later age, you can start a new career as a sales demonstrator. They are people who show people how different products work. By this means, they get people interested in a product by convincing people about the importance of a new product in their lives. Sale demonstrators may also incorporate passing coupons or samples of the product.

This service is usually needed in big markets such as clothing stores, smartphones market, and grocery stores. On average, sales demonstrators earn about $15 per hour.

Courier Messenger:

Do you know bookkeeping and how to keep the records in proper order? A courier or messenger delivers paperwork and packages for hospitals, farms, schools, companies, or state agencies. These messengers help to deliver documents to close by locations. Good interpersonal skills will help you deal with clients effectively. On average, messengers earn about $12.72 an hour.

Tailoring and Garment Making Business:

Employment change ideas

In the world of fashion, the demand for hand-stitched and ready-made clothes is constantly increasing. Customized designs are loved by most of the people. Starting a tailoring business doesn’t require heavy investment. All you need is the equipment for starting sewing.

Things you will need are a shop, sewing machine, and electricity to run the tailoring business effectively.

Security Guard Supervisor:

If you are looking for another job after retirement, you could become a security supervisor. There are so many private institutions, factories, and private buildings that need security guards. Supervisory jobs are light-duty jobs and don’t require much but skills and experience. Usually, the supervisors are paid more than the security guards. The services of security guard supervisors are needed by security companies, hospitals, schools, businesses, etc.

Translation and Interpreter Services:

Do you have multilingual skills? If you know more than one language, you can make a good amount of money by translating documents from English to other languages or vice versa. Even though there is a lot of translation software out there but nothing can beat human intelligence. So, this could be a good full time or part-time option.

Why Become a Dietitian:

If you are well experienced in the field or interested in this career, you could become a nutritionist. The demand for healthy diets and recommendations from a nutritionist is ever-increasing. Obesity is a big problem these days and dietitians through their advice can help to curtail this scourge. Also, they help to educate people on what food that can harm them and what food fosters good health.

Fitness Trainer

fitness career

Becoming a personal trainer can be your career next choice of career if you love fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. If you enjoy working out and sharing knowledge that has worked for you in bodybuilding and fitness, you can offer your service as a fitness trainer. From the outside, personal training looks like a satisfying career. You get to help people in a field you love, it’s flexible, and you have lots of options for where you can work.

As someone who is over 40 will be in a better position to come up with or design a workout plan for seniors who are between the ages of 65 to 90. The seniors will also be able to trust you easily as compared to someone who is much younger.

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Become A Driver

Do you love driving and have a valid license? If you know your way around the town, you can earn some money while driving. There are many different types of driver jobs, and most have a flexible schedule. You could choose to drive for Lyft, Uber, and Amazon Flex, etc.

Independent contractor

Do you love working on different projects? Independent contractors are hired for a fixed time to do a specific task for an organization. They are not employees of any organization and as such are free to jump from one project to the next. As an individual who is over 40, you can offer a lot of services as an independent contractor. You will also get to be your own boss. Let’s talk about the benefits of becoming an independent contractor.

  1. You will become your own boss
  2. Maintain a good work/life balance
  3. Earn more money
  4. Test out a new field of expertise
  5. Start on a part-time basis
  6. Test out a company

Contractors often start as employees first, before leaving to work on their own. They have a good knowledge of the rates being paid and the type of work expected of them. If you’re not sure what you can charge, have a look at sites such as Upwork and eLance for rates and other information.

A career as a Real Estate Agent

Many retired officers launch their second careers as real estate brokers and sales agents who help clients buy, sell, and rent properties in the locations where they have a good experience. The average salary of real estate brokers ($76200) is higher than that for real estate sales agents ($40,807), who are required to work with a real estate broker.

The good thing is that most of the real estate agents are self-employed, which means they set their own hours but might be subject to the schedule of clients.

Provide Child Care Services:

Child care workers get to witness childhood delights, such as playing with bubbles or learning to talk. But they are also responsible for the daily dressing, bathing, and feeding of small children who aren’t always rational. About 4% of women at the age of over 60 take positions caring for young children. The annual pay is low at $26,300 per year, but you do have a great opportunity to play a substantial role in a child’s life.

Become an Entrepreneur

People in their fifties and older often have the ideal combination of attributes to start a business, including experience, an extensive social network, and a working knowledge of the products or services people who work in your industry need. Make sure you check the investment requirements before thinking of a business idea or a startup. Just don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose in a business venture.

Personal Financial Adviser:

Another career change idea at the age of 40 and above is to become a personal financial adviser. Personal financial advisers are tasked with providing advice to entrepreneurs and businessmen on matters such as insurance, mortgages, savings, estate planning, taxes, and of course retirement. They help individuals to plan and manage their budgets very effectively.

Personal financial advisers help their clients to assess their financial situation and thus make wise investments.

Become A Tour Guide After Retirement:

Do you love to be someone who shows the way by leading or advising? If yes, this is going to be a perfect job for you at the age of 40 and above. The guides help to escort people through tourist places like museums, historical sites, natural attractions, art galleries, etc. If you know about your city and state, it could be one of the best jobs for you.

No investment is required to start this kind of business after retirement. You need to have knowledge about different tourist locations around you.

Athletics Coaching:

If you have experience in a particular sport, coaching or umpiring are other part-time job options the Frontier Post would recommend for retirees. Working hours in this job are flexible, and the job is pretty good for someone who interacts well with children and doesn’t mind spending weekends and afternoons coaching through practices and games. What would athletics coaching pay you? Some schools pay an average of $4,000 to $5,000 per season for coaches. Umpires make an average of $60 to $100 per game.

Become A Teacher’s Aide:

You can become a teacher’s aide after retirement. Teacher’s aides assist grade school teachers in daily classwork, plans, and managing children. Most aides only need a high school diploma, though candidates with a college degree often find more opportunities.

It also helps to have special skills such as the ability to speak more than one language. Teacher’s aides make an average of $15,870 to $35,350 a year. You will need on-the-job training and submit to a background check as well.

Become A Library Assistant:

Do you love book reading and bookkeeping? If yes, this is an ideal job for you after retirement. This job lets you put your vast knowledge and love of books to work helping visitors find what books they’re looking for. The average salary for this job is 23$ per hour. The skills required are achieved through on-the-job training.

Start a Graphic designing Business:

If you know about this job or have interests in graphic designing then it is a good idea to work on it. You will be designing layouts and graphics materials for website and web-pages, magazines, advertisements, posters, emails, etc. This business could earn you a lot of money.

Become A Pet sitter or Housesitter:

Tending to other people’s pets while they’re on vacation or away on business can be a great gig for retirees who love critters. Word of mouth is a good way to get started. Let your family and friends know that you’re available to pet-sit or house-sit. There are also apps that match pet owners with people with sitters. Don’t limit your services to dog duties, as you may be needed to look after cats, birds, fish, hamsters, or other household pets.

Become A Patient Advocate!

Home health care is one of the fastest-growing job sectors in America, but you don’t have to be a retired nurse to find part-time work as a caregiver to the elderly or disabled. Patient advocates are non-medical home health care workers who assist home-bound individuals with all of their daily tasks, like preparing meals, bathing, getting dressed, filling prescriptions, giving rides to doctor appointments, and more.

Become the Crossing Guard!

Want to do something that is social work and you get paid as well? Become a crossing guard after retirement. This service of crossing guards is usually needed near schools and construction sites, where they help to control pedestrian and vehicular movement. A career change resume may not be needed here.

This service is most sought after by Local Governments and Schools. Crossing guards usually receive $23.14 per hour as a wage.

Landscaping Business for Retirees

Another thriving and easy to start a business venture that people who are over 40 can delve into is landscaping. We all know that landscape architecture is all about the art, planning, designing, management, preservation, and rehabilitation of the land and the design of a large man-made construction that beautifies the environment.

Any aspiring entrepreneur who intends starting his or her own landscaping business and making huge profits from it must be very creative and must be ready to go the extra mile to convince clients that he or she can deliver an excellent job and he or she must prove beyond every reasonable doubt that they are competent.

 Accountant and Managerial Jobs:

As a senior accountant, you would need to ensure that your company or organization is financially good and efficiently operating. If you are good at accounting and keeping records, and bookkeeping, you can offer these services to businesses on a freelance basis.

What will be your job? You would help to balance accounts, prepare payroll, taxes, and other financial reports. This is an easy peasy job. A career change resume may be needed here.

Auditor Jobs in the Energy field!

Energy field auditor hourly pay is 20.72$ and it could be your best job if you have the relevant experience. What does energy field auditors do? They help customers reduce their energy consumption. The work of an energy field auditor entails helping householders and businesses cut their energy bills by checking leaks and recommending solutions for the reduction of consumption.

They also help to recommend energy-efficient technologies that can be used and educate customers on energy efficiency and to also answer questions on topics such as the cost of running various household appliances.

This job is quite manageable and as such an energy field auditor can fix his or her preferred working hours. Engineering knowledge is needed to make the switch to an energy field auditor but it is not compulsory. A good career change resume may be needed here.

SEO Specialist Jobs After Retirement!

Search engine optimization is a big industry these days. People always need a professional to look at their SEO. If you know the basics of search engine working, you could start this job.

Your job would involve making the Website stand out from others. This could be a tedious but rewarding job. There are so many things to know about SEO Jobs. The work of an SEO specialist is largely online-based and as such, it can be done from anywhere as long as there is a fast internet connection.

Also, EO’s work hours are very flexible. You can learn to become an SEO specialist in a local community college around or online. On average, an SEO specialist earns an average yearly salary of about $60000.

A lot of website owners now realize the importance of having an SEO compliant website, thus, this SEO service is in high demand in the online market. A career change resume may be needed here.


There are many career opportunities that are available for people who are around the ages of 40 or 50. You can make a life change or career change at any point in your life when you want it the most. Do not let fear, doubt or worry stop you from doing what your heart tells you to do.

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