BlueBird Strategies is a marketing automation and demand generation agency for fast-growing tech companies including established firms and venture-backed startups. With a deep heritage in marketing strategy and demand generation management, we develop and manage demand generation and lead generation campaigns that are rooted in best practices and take full advantage of marketing automation tools. Unlike creative or digital agencies, we provide demand strategy and execution across the buyer journey. Another point of distinction is that we hire former technology marketers (not agency generalists) and act as an extension of our client’s marketing team to fill critical skills and expertise gaps. We construct inbound and outbound strategies and provides a broad range of services from technology assessments to program design and operations, to software training, to content development. We help clients optimize their CRM and marketing automation tools to derive the maximum ROI from these investments.

Our Services Include:

  • Buyer Personas & Journeys
  • Positioning & Messaging Platform
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Optimization
  • Lead Management
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Content
  • Event Marketing

BuleBirdStrat is a “Share your knowledge” project for the community. It is a journal for marketing and investing ideas, designed to solve intricate social problems by telling people the best business plans and ideas.

What Do We do at BuleBirdStrat?
There are three keys to making a secure future, starting a business, building assets, or making profitable investments and planning for the future. You need the following things to achieve this:

  • Knowledge of the Game
  • Money for Startup
  • An Excellent Team

BuleBirdStrat provides you the foremost important key “Knowledge of the Whole Game” at NO COST whatsoever. Our goal is to fully prepare you for retirement and boost your level of confidence by arming you with the needed retirement plans to succeed. Now what kind of “Knowledge” do we provide? The knowledge we provide is packaged in the form of:

  • Business Ideas hand guide
  • Business / Financial Reports
  • Business Startup Guides
  • Sample Plans and Templates
  • Investment Opportunity Analysis
  • Some Investment Advice

The “BuleBirdStrat” project is made possible because of the committed input of some selfless entrepreneurs, who have just retired from their first job and they are career-minded individuals; who would rather remain anonymous for some time but you can reach us through email 🙂 Get in touch!

Email: ktk1992@outlook.com

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